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BODYLight, portable LED work Light, astronaut, space-age, work light

Presenting the BODYLight™

The FIRST (ETL certified) Explosion Proof, Rechargeable Battery-Powered, Portable LED Work Light in the World!

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The BRICK®, brick, 9610, portable, explosion proof, led, work light, portable LED work lights, class i, div 1, hazloc


The BRICK® is changing the way you see your work space. Bright, white, light that permeates every inch of your work space.

The BRICKette™, the brickette, brickette, 2106, portable, explosion proof, led, work light, portable LED work lights, class i, div 1, hazloc


Quoted as an “engineering marvel”… The BRICKette™ is the most versatile, Portable Explosion Proof LED Work Light in a small hand-held package.

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The STRIKER™, the striker, striker, 8100, portable, explosion proof, solid state, led, work light, blast light, drop light, class i, div 1, portable LED work lights


The STRIKER™ was designed to meet an incredible variety of applications. This explosion proof work light is quickly becoming the go-to tool for industrial job sites worldwide.

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3475, 3475-80, abrasive blast light, kick-it tough, portable LED work lights, blast light, LED, blast hose light


In 1978, Western Technology built our first blast light and deadman remote control specifically designed for the severe environments of abrasive blasting. Our blast lights have evolved over the years… check out the recently upgraded: The 3475 | KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Blast Light.

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SITE LIGHT™, site light, series, 4100, 4100LED, 4210, 4210LED, temporary jobsite lighting, job site, ordinary location lighting, portable LED work lights


The perfect temporary job site lighting for ordinary locations. Our SITE LIGHT Series are built with handles for portability & 150 lbs pull magnets for mounting.

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Dave holding The BRICK­®, portable LED work lights, schedule a demo, brick, 9610



  • Fragile Filaments leaving you in the dark?
  • Breakage & Light Failure causing more accidents?
  • Increased Costs & Downtime from bulb replacement & frequent repairs?
  • Insufficient visibility requiring more lights to light the space?
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Safety | Reliability
High Performance | Proven Durability

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LED Safety Lights

Explosion Proof | Ordinary Location | Abrasive Blast

The “TOUGHest” Portable LED Work Lights on the market. As portable luminaries, each light is built to provide “tool-like” reliability. They set the new standard for excellence reducing job site safety risks with easy-to-calculate ROI. Versatile mounting options allow for quick & easy positioning.

KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights, kick-it tough, LED, safety lights, portable LED work lights, explosion proof, ordinary location, abrasive blast, lighting, The BRICK, The BRICKette, The STRIKER, The BODY light, The 3475 LED

Our Products

Western Technology has continuously engineered solutions for lighting difficult and dangerous work spaces since 1978. We offer a full line of portable LED work lights, mounting options, their accessories & deadman switches.

Industries & Applications

Photo Galleries | Featured Products

Our products are built for the demanding work spaces of our marine, industrial, and aviation clients. View our products in action and the recommended products we feature for each industry & application.


See our most recent news posts about us, upcoming events, important information & our products.

Northern Safety Day 2018

Northern Safety Day 2018 Exhibitor | w/ Aquadyne Associates This is our first time to showcase our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights at Northern Safety Day in Woodland, CA.

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We appreciate all the great customer comments, client feedback, and testimonials… See what people are saying about our Portable LED Work Lights & Deadman Controls from Western Technology.

“This BRICK® light is awesome! When I saw it, I thought of the Commodores and Brick House!”


CESCO | North Charleston, SC

“Good evening, we used and loved the BRICK® during our confined space entry into a shaft & tunnel.”

SUPERINTENDENT, Energy and Infrastructure Construction Company

Recent Videos

See our most recent videos about us, important information & our products.

The BRICK® Drop (Short)

We dropped the same (1) BRICK® LED light 30 times from 20 feet, even multiple times into a tank of water, and it still works! Only 1 minute…

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