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We present the KICK-IT TOUGH™ Series of portable LED work lights. Designed and manufactured in the USA. Built with “tool-like” reliability for industrial services applications. LED safety lights by Western Technology, Inc.


Explosion Proof | LED Lights

1. The BRICK®
2. The BRICKette™
4. BODYLight™
5. BRICKSkid™

Ordinary Location | LED Lights

LED Wide Area Stringer Light

Abrasive Blast | LED Lights

7. 3475™


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Redefining Portable Lighting

KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights set the new standard for excellence:

  • Reduce Jobsite Safety Risks
    • accidents caused by lights failing or breaking
  • Easy-to-Calculate ROI
    • reduction of number of Lights required
    • reduction in installation/removal time
    • reduction in cost to operate
    • improved productivity
    • reduced CO2 emissions

“We Won’t Leave You in the Dark”

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