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What is Sandblasting and Abrasive Blast Lighting?

Sandblasting is using fine bits of material are propelled at extreme velocities in order to clean, wear away or etch surfaces.  Abrasive blasting goes by many different names, including sandblasting, abrasive micro-blasting, micro-abrasive blasting and more. While sandblasting is the most common name to describe this process, materials other than sand are sometimes used to do the cleaning or etching. In fact, since there can be health issues that sandblasting and the inhalation of the sand dust can cause, many finishing operations can use alternative materials for their blasting — such as walnut shells, a powder-like abrasive, steel grit, copper slag and others.

Western Technology, Inc. offers a full line of light systems specifically built for the Abrasive Blast industry. We built our first abrasive blast nozzle lights back in 1978. Since then, Western Technology has built a business by solving problems related to lighting critical, often difficult to get to temporary workspaces.

Abrasive Blasting is used to:

  • Make rough surfaces smooth.
  • Make smooth surfaces rough.
  • Shape surfaces.
  • Clean or remove surface contaminants like paint, rust, or residue.
  • Finish surfaces
The REDHEAD™ Series, 1001-REP-3K, Deadman Control Swtiches, Repairable, Blasting & Painting, blast hose light

Electric Deadman Control & Abrasive Blast Light

Western Technology’s Sanndbalst Lights are hose-mountable with high & low stanchions available to easily attach to blast hoses. We have air-cooled and no-air blast lights with LED and halogen options available.

Our 3400 LED series (Model 3475-80) has continued to evolve over the years and has been quoted as “the brightest light I have seen” and “hold up well in blast rooms”. We also offer our field-repairable option with replaceable parts.

The process of sandblasting is always carefully monitored, and those doing the sandblasting always wear protective gear and use abrasive blast nozzle lighting. When done correctly, sandblasting is one of the most effective and efficient ways to clean and etch metal surfaces.

Abrasive Blasting Industries:

  • Shipbuilding and ship cleaning
  • Vehicle repair and restoration
  • Construction Contracting
  • Metal surface finishing
  • Welding
  • Metal casting or foundry work
  • Powder or surface coating
  • Large Scale Painting
  • Surface preparation
  • Glasswork, such as etching
  • Concrete Construction
  • Monument engraving

Contact us today to see which light system works best for your abrasive blasting application. Improve the quality and efficiency of your work by improving your visibility.

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