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The electric deadman control switch from Western Technology can be used in any electric remote control system, but they were specifically designed for abrasive blasting nozzles & fueling applications and are ideal for corrosion control and protective coatings industries. Each deadman control switch uses the traditional bar/lever design that requires an operator to apply continued pressure in order for a machine to turn on or activate a machine. Should the operator become incapacitated for any reason, pressure will no longer be applied, thus stopping the machine or bringing it back to a safe state to prevent dangerous action from occurring.

Some deadman control switches are ergonomic and integrated into the handle of a device and can be easily gripped, while others have more versatile applications and can be clipped or mounted to a hose or another part of machinery that is easily accessible to operators. Regardless of what type you prefer for your job site, you’ll find both electric deadman control switch options from Western Technology.

If you’re looking specifically for an abrasive sandblasting deadman handle, you’ll find options here at Western Technology Lights. All our pistol grip switch controls are designed with the safety and comfort of operators in mind and are available in a variety of made-to-order cord lengths and types to best fit the needs of your job site. These abrasive sandblasting deadman handles are created with high-durability polyurethane rubber, making them shock-absorbing and nonabrasive, improving an operator’s grip and experience. While not a handle, the REDHEAD Repairable Deadman Control switch has been preferred by contractors for years because it offers maximum safety and reliability even in very harsh conditions.

Give your workers the blaster control they need without having to sacrifice productivity with our selection of the electric deadman control switch.

View our full list of electric deadman control switches designed and manufactured by Western Technology, Inc.  We have 2-wire, 3-wire, & even 4-wire deadman switch configurations. They were built specifically for abrasive blasting & fueling applications, but are suitable for any electric remote control system. Ideal for the protective coatings and corrosion control industries. Our deadman controls are built with safety features like our unique ball & chain design for safety and ease of use.

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