KICK-IT TOUGH™ - Explosion Proof Lights

Portable Explosion Proof LED Work Lights

Our Brands, kick-it tough, led safety lights, KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights, KICK-IT TOUGH™ Series, portable explosion proof lights, abrasive blast light, portable led work lightsThe “Toughest” Portable Explosion Proof LED Work Lights on the market. Western Technology‘s Signature Line of Explosion Proof KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights are built to the most stringent standards & certifications:

  • Explosion Proof
  • Portable
  • Wet Location (Type 6P)
  • Low Voltage (LVLE)

  • Class I Div 1, Class I Div 2
  • Class II Div 1, Class II Div 2

See The Difference.

Safety | Reliability | High Performance | Proven Durability

Our KICK-IT TOUGH™ line of portable explosion proof LED work lights set the new standard for excellence. Designed for multiple applications and portability, they are built to reduce work site safety risks. We can show you easy-to-calcuate ROI based on the reduction of number of lights required, on installation & removal time, maintenance, cost to operate, improved productivity… and even reduced CO²  emissions!

American Flag, designed & manufactured in the USADesigned & Manufactured in the USA

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