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Portable Explosion Proof Area Light

The most versatile, Portable Explosion Proof Area Light on the market – perfect for tank entry!

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Model 9610 | Portable Explosion Proof Tank/Area Light

The most versatile and rugged LED portable explosion proof area light on the market. Built for a variety of applications ranging from aviation, tank entry, power generation, refineries, and blast & paint. The BRICK® (Model 9610) is the perfect choice for your portable work site lighting needs. With so many accessories, mounting options & stands available, it’s built to allow the user to easily position and adjust this light into any work place. Built from a solid block of 6061-T6 Aluminum for durability. Variable intensity light control option available. Thermally controlled for comfortable handling.

gen 3, logo, field repairable, cable replacement, featuresThe Gen3, BRICK® is now built with “on-site” cable replacement features. Its distinguishing feature is the green Bend Radius Sleeve (*Patent Pending) on the the cable connection points. Replacement pieces include the power supply box, the cable, and the lighthead. Repair tool kit is also available for purchase (sold separately).

The BRICK® is certified and approved for hazardous locations (HazLoc):

  • Class I, Div 1 & 2, Groups C & D;
  • Class II, Div 1 & 2, Groups E, F, & G
  • CSA Zones 1 & 2; Zones 20,21 & 22
  • Portable Luminaire (UL 153)
  • Wet Location
  • Low Voltage (LVLE)

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American Flag, designed & manufactured in the USA Designed & Manufactured in the USA


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Gen3 now available with “on-site” cable replacement kit. Replacement pieces include the power supply box, the replacement cable, and the lighthead.

9610, cable replacement, tool kit, Gen3, BRICK®, brick, light

#9610 CABLE REPLACEMENT TOOL KIT, comes in convenient carry case.












“We are in the middle of a turn a round and they are using the one I have and they quoted,” this light is not a Cadillac, this light is a Lamborghini. Hopefully this will help with getting things moving.” – Electrical Supervisor

“The BRICK® Lights are fabulous! I have received feedback from 4 of the divisions that have them. They do feel safer, don’t have to call rental companies for light towers (no down time).” – Gas Distribution Utility Customer



Additional information

Approved for:

Class 1, Div 1 & 2; Groups C & D
Class II, Div 1 & 2; Groups E, F, & G
CSA Zones 1 & 2; Zones, 20, 21, & 22

Conforms to:

UL Stds 153, 781, 844;

Certified to:

CSA Stds C22.2#s 12, 25, 137

Suitable for:

Wet Location Use – the BRICK®, as a Hazardous Location Luminaire, is constructed for continuous usage in Class I & II, Division 1 & 2 environments. Further, critical design tolerances ensure that each enclosure is fabricated to be dust proof and watertight. Submersion testing is taken to a depth of 100 feet in water verifying waterproof construction, which easily meets and exceeds NEMA Type 6P certification requirements.


Portable Luminary (Portable Luminaire)

Temperature Rating:

T-Code: T5 (-20°C to +40°C); T4 (-20°C to +100°C)

LEDs Color:

~6000K, CRI >70

Light Output:

50,000 Lux at 1ft; >11,500 lumens

Reflective Optic Beam Angle:


Light Head Power:

Models A and C: 36VDC, 2-3A


Light head with Handles & Bumpers: 12¾" x 6⅛" x 5¼"
Bend Radius Enforcement Sleeve (connecting the cord to the lighthead): 10.1875" x 1.5625"


10 lbs (light head only)

Body Material:

Machined out of solid block of 6061-T6 Aluminum


Polyurethane Bumper

Multiple Mounting Options:

Flexible Mechanical & Magnetic mounting (See Mounting Options)

Country of origin:

Designed & Manufactured in the USA

Additional Features:

* Variable intensity light control (Option Available)
* Thermally controlled for comfortable handing
* Bend Radius Sleeves (patent pending) – strain relief for electrical cord connections

2 reviews for The BRICK®

  1. Major Airplane Manufacturer

    I would like to make you aware of the recent success one of our composite fabrication teams had. They received the Quality Cup award in 2013 due in part to the wrinkle inspection process improvements. They directed the credit towards The BRICK® LED lights that were implemented on AFP’s 1-3 on December 18, 2012. This is a great accomplishment and shows how something so small can make such a vast impact.

  2. Natural Gas Utility Customer

    “The BRICK® Lights are fabulous! I have received feedback from 4 of the divisions that have them. They do feel safer, don’t have to call rental companies for light towers (no down time).”

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