Dirty Job Site. Just Bag It!, Overspray Bags

Protect Your Investment

Our light systems are designed to meet your most demanding workplace requirements.

These aren’t your everyday lights! They are built & certified as safe to used in dirty job site environments like: Hazardous Locations, Tank Cleaning, Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance, Abrasive Blasting, Painting & Paint Booths, Wastewater Treatment, and Wet Locations.

Because our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights are certified as Low Voltage (LVLE) & generate very little heat, our lights can be wrapped in our Overspray Protection Bags. It’s a simple solution to protect your investment in these harsh environments.

The BRICKette, Overspray Bag, Just Bag It, protectThe STRIKER, Overspray Bag, Just Bag It!, protectProtect and Extend the life of your Kick-It Tough™ Explosion Proof Lights from Western Technology!

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Overspray Protection Bags, Just Bag It!, The BRICKITEM#: 9610BAG

Package of Fifty (50) Overspray Protection Bags

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