Hazardous Location LED Light Fixtures

Class1 Div 1 & Div 2 Lighting

Oil Rig using Hazardous Location LightsThere are a lot of different hazardous location LED light fixture manufacturers out there, but none can deliver on the same promise of durability and quality as Western Technology Lights. Class 1 Div 1 Lighting can be defined as explosion-rated lighting designed for working in explosive environments where hazardous conditions or concentrations of flammable vapors, liquids, and/or gases, are always present. Don’t trust the safety of your facility to any of the other hazardous location LED light fixture manufacturers out there – call Western Technology Lights today at 1-800-654-5483 to learn more!

There is no debate – hazardous area LED light fixtures are essential for keeping both people and property safe and out of harm’s way. Hazardous area LED light fixtures are specially designed for areas that are at a high risk of combustion, using special wiring connections, and other electrical components to completely insulate electronics and prevent combustion. Hazardous location LED light fixtures also use several layers of casing and insulation to keep temperatures down in areas where the fixtures may encounter hazardous materials like oil, gas, paint, dust, liquids, and even small fibers that are potentially explosive in nature. If these materials somehow do penetrate the fixture’s casing, there is a heavy-duty luminaire surrounding the spark-inducing components to keep potential explosions contained. Hazardous location lighting also has a much higher threshold for temperature compared to normal light fixtures. Because even the slightest increase in temperature can cause combustible materials to ignite, hazardous area LED light fixtures are designed to keep internal and external temperatures down. Hazardous location lighting is also resistant to high vibrations.

Hazardous location LED light fixture manufacturers like Western Technology Lights work closely with a variety of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical refining and processing, fuel storage, chemical manufacturing, power generation, car manufacturing, water treatment, pharmaceutical, distilleries, food manufacturers, aviation, military, and blast and paint to provide them with the lighting solutions they need to keep their facilities, employees, and property safe. We’ve been doing this since 1978, giving us the experience and expertise to become one of the most trusted hazardous location lighting manufacturers in the world.

Class 1 Div 1 Lighting

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) divides hazardous area lighting into three categories, each specific to a different type of flammable substance. Class 1 locations deal with gas and vapor, class 2 locations deal with dust, and class 3 locations deal with fibers and flyings. Each class also has two divisions, with division 1 pertaining to the presence of flammable materials under normal machinery operations or malfunctions and division 2 for the presence of such materials under unusual operating conditions. So, for example, class 1 div 1 LED lighting would describe lighting suitable for use in places like petroleum refineries, utility gas plants, or gas storage and dispensing areas under expected operations and typical machinery malfunctions. At Western Technology Lights, we strive to bring you an array of hazardous lighting options from class 1 div 1 lighting all the way to class 3 div 2.

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