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Our products are built for industrial services. They are made to survive the rough conditions of the marine, petro-chemical, and aviation industries. Safely lighting job sites for confined space entry, environmental cleanup, and industrial coating.  Whether its for installation, inspection, maintenance, or repairs our products are certified to perform a variety of tasks.

Industrial projects demand efficiency, precision, and a unique set of tools and expertise. During outages, turnarounds, shutdowns, and plant maintenance, whether planned or unanticipated, you can’t afford to waste time in search of the right tools. This can mean longer down times, costly delays, and financial loss. Our portable LED work lights have proven themselves to provide “tool-like” reliability for these demanding industries & applications.

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You need the right tools and lighting to work safely and efficiently in difficult environments. Our lighting solutions will never add extra effort to an already delicate situation. Instead, they make things easier. Our lights are bright and easy to install and maintain, and they can weather frequent handling and adverse conditions.

 While Western Technology’s reputation is largely built on world-class portable LED lighting, we bring you the same focus on safety and durability with all our other products. Get the best deadman switches, control switches, UV germ killers, plugs, and cabling. We have everything you need to bolster safety and lighting at your worksite.

 Understanding Challenging Industries Since 1978

 Western Technology specializes in reliable solutions for demanding workspaces in the aviation, marine, military, and industrial industries. We not only prioritize safety and efficiency but understand that every job site has its own unique requirements and challenges. 

That is why we don’t just sell you a product and walk away. Our team of experts will personally assist you in selecting the best products for each application, ensuring the best results. Western Technology is dedicated to serving the needs of any industry where repairs, replacements, and construction need specialized lighting and tools. We understand the needs, expectations, and experiences of those who work every day in these tough industries, and we strive to deliver bespoke advice. The right solutions can ensure the safety of workers and the successful completion of every project.

 Trusted since 1978 by the United States Navy, U.S. Air Force, Transocean, ExxonMobil, and many more, Western Technology has the experience and technology you need for all your job sites.

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