Portable Lighting used in Refineries

Oil Refinery Tank Cleaning Lighting 

Our oil refinery tank cleaning lighting is not just another piece of equipment; they are a testament to our commitment to safety and innovation. Western Technology specializes in Portable LED Work Lights built for safety and reliability in Bio, Oil and Petro-Chemical refineries. It’s important to use certified lighting, either explosion proof or intrinsically safe, due to the various hazardous locations throughout a refinery. View the photo gallery and our sample product listing below of the available products being used in refineries around the world. Oil refineries are intricate mazes of machinery, pipelines, and storage units, all operating under extreme conditions. The volatile nature of the substances processed here makes them susceptible to explosions and fires. Traditional lighting solutions, in such environments, can pose significant risks. The presence of flammable gases and vapors demands equipment that not only illuminates but ensures safety. Western Technology Lights is a pioneer in crafting portable LED work lights tailored for challenging environments like oil refineries. Established in 1978, our expertise spans across various industries, from marine and aviation to industrial sectors.


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Photo Gallery

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Comparing Light Output
of the 7100 & The BRICK®
inside a Refinery flow splitter

Examples of Refineries where our lights are used.
Example Application:
Hot Lime Softener & Line Cleaning
The BRICK™ & The BRICKette™ used at a LNG Refinery

Featured Oil Refinery Tank Cleaning Lighting

Explosion Proof Lights | Intrinsically Safe Lights | Hazardous Location Lighting

Our lights are built for endurance. They can withstand impacts, resist corrosive substances, and brave extreme temperatures. This durability ensures that they not only last longer but also reduce maintenance overheads. Our oil refinery tank cleaning lighting solutions are a blend of innovation and practicality. With the integration of smart technologies, they offer significant energy savings, ensuring that light is provided only when and where it’s needed. This not only reduces energy consumption but also ensures a longer lifespan for the lights

At Western Technology Lights, we understand the unique challenges of oil refineries. Our lights are beyond illumination; they are a beacon of safety. Trust in our expertise and let us illuminate your path to safety and efficiency. Contact us to receive a quote!

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