Intrinsically Safe Portable Work Lights

Explosion Proof LED Lights

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Intrinsically Safe Portable Lighting

What is Intrinsically Safe Lighting?

Investing in quality and reliable, intrinsically safe explosion proof LED work lights is something every hazardous area workplace should do. Western Technology Lights’ products are essential for keeping people and property safe, especially in areas where high concentrations of substances like oil, paint, gas, dust, and potentially flammable fibers are present. The meaning of “explosion proof” is rather obvious – light fixtures have a heavy-duty luminaire that surrounds the spark-inducing components to keep potential explosions contained – but you may not be familiar with what “intrinsically safe” means. Intrinsically safe means the light uses a limited amount of electrical energy, so sparks cannot occur at amperages and voltages that may result in explosions in hazardous atmospheres.

This makes intrinsically safe explosion proof LED work lights a staple in industries like oil and gas, fuel storage, petrochemical refining and processing, power generation, aviation, military, food manufacturing, car manufacturing, water treatment, and more. For over 40 years, Western Technology has worked closely with many of these industries to ensure they have the hazardous area LED light fixtures they need to keep their employees at a reduced risk of harm and their operations safe and OSHA compliant.

Many of the workplaces that need intrinsically safe portable lighting also need mobile lighting solutions that are just as safe, so employees won’t be working in the dark or having to rely on potentially dangerous lighting in an already hazardous situation. Intrinsically safe flashlights & headlamps are the ideal solutions for any industrial space that requires a dependable light source that won’t be a point of ignition.

When you and your employees are in situations like these, using rigorously tested, an approved light source is vital to safety. Western Technology Lights has an array of intrinsically safe flashlights & headlamps that you and your staff can trust.

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