ZERO-Emissions Explosion Proof Light Tower

ZERO-Emissions Explosion Proof Light Tower, brick skid, BRICKSkid, portable explosion proof LED light tower, spark-free construction

The BRICKSkid™

“Spark Free” Light Tower featuring (4) BRICKs

We’re taking the BRICK® to higher heights as a zero-emissions light tower.

It is a requirement to use CERTIFIED Explosion Proof lighting within a zone declared a hazardous location. Refinery customers have begun to realize using BRICKs for area lighting just outside hazardous location (HAZLOC) areas are not only cost effective but meet this primary objective.

The BRICK SKID light tower can be used in place of the standard generator-driven light towers. Eliminate environmental issues like fueling, drip pans, maintenance, noise, emissions, etc. The BRICKSkid™ will also remove concern of having a gas-driven engine operating near the entrance of a confined space or other HAZLOC areas like working around active well heads or drill sites.

Product Features

  • NO Noise
  • NO Drip Pans
  • NO Heat
  • NO Fueling/Fueler
  • NO Maintenance
  • Total Spark-Free Construction
  • Secure Locker for Storage of Convertor/Cables During Shipment
  • Independent Aiming of Each BRICK®
  • Ability to Remove a BRICK® (vessel entry / work light / independent rental)
  • 360° Lighting of a +200ft Diameter Area
  • Class 1 & 2, Div 1 Electronics/Plug receptacles
  • Compact size 6’x6’, 2,250 lb, retractable 16’ mast
    • Note: 1,250 lbs is ballast sealed in base for high wind/tip over protection
  • Low Power Draw: 110/220VAC, 20 Amp
    • Powers 4 BRICKs + 1 extra Plug-in BRICK
  • Reduce Tripping Hazards
    • Uses a SINGLE Plug-in cord
  • Options: – Tow Bar/Rollers – Lifting Eyes – Ordinary Location Construction & Electronics
brick skid, ZERO-Emissions, Portable, Explosion Proof, Light Tower, Spark Free, 16 feet

The BRICKSkid offers uncompromising Reliability, Safety, and Environmental Benefits while protecting labor, assets, improving productivity and quickly returning capital spent. Western Technology chose CDI of Everett, WA, a company with a long history of building advanced aerial work platforms and MEWP fall protection systems to design and fabricate the BRICK SKID.

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