Confined Space Lighting

Confined Space Explosion Proof Lighting

Western Technology specializes in certified portable LED Lighting built for confined spaces. Confined space lighting must be high quality, in most cases explosion-proof, and small enough to fit through narrow openings and tight spaces. Western Technology’s KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights meet these requirements with multiple certifications like: Explosion Proof, Portable, Low Voltage and Wet Location use. WT’s LED technology produces bright, white light that will permeate every inch of your confined space. Our range of LED area lights are second to none when it comes to lighting storage tanks, frac tanks, rail cars and fuel cells. You’ll be amazed to see the variety of mounting options & accessories that are available, sure to light any confined space.


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Featured Confined Space Lighting Products

Explosion Proof | Intrinsically Safe | Flashlights | Headlamps | Magnetic Mounting | Battery-Powered

Since its inception in 1978, Western Technology Lights has carved a niche in engineering superior lighting solutions for hazardous and hard-to-reach workspaces. Our expertise lies in providing high-quality confined space lighting, essential for diverse industries where precision and safety are paramount.

 Innovative Lighting Solutions for Confined Spaces

 The heart of Western Technology’s offerings lies in our innovative confined space lighting product range, designed to meet the intricate demands of confined spaces. Our notable products, including The BRICK®, The BRICKette™, The STRIKER™, BODYLight™, UVA BODYLight™, and WT GERM KILLER® – UVC BODYLight, are more than just illumination tools. These products are crucial in environments where the right lighting can significantly impact safety and operational efficiency. Our explosion-proof lights, a crucial part of our confined space lighting arsenal, have become indispensable in hazardous areas prone to flammable vapors or dust, serving industries like offshore and rig lighting, aircraft maintenance, and paint spray booths.

UVC Technology for Enhanced Safety

Western Technology’s prowess extends beyond conventional lighting. Our UVC Germ Killer Series, employing innovative UV-C light technology, effectively combats 99.9% of harmful pathogens, ensuring a safer and cleaner work environment in confined spaces. This aspect of Western Technology’s offerings underscores the importance of hygiene and sanitation, especially in the current global context, where these factors are vital for workplace safety.

 Comprehensive Solutions for Challenging Workspaces

 In addition to our core confined space lighting products, we offer a wide range of indispensable accessories, including deadman switches, control switches, cabling, and plugs. This comprehensive approach reinforces our position as a holistic provider of confined space lighting and related accessories, essential for workspaces requiring reliable and robust solutions.

 Through our strong commitment to innovation and safety, Western Technology Lights has emerged as a trusted name in industrial lighting. Our understanding of the needs and challenges faced by workers in confined spaces is reflected in our products, making us a reliable partner for organizations seeking to enhance job site safety and efficiency. For those in need of durable, certified, and dependable lighting solutions, Western Technology Lights is the epitome of excellence and reliability.

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