Model 99220 | USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight

The SPOTTER™ – Model 99220 | USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight features an intense beam that projects 365m… Proven application: Coal hopper inspection.

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Model 99220 | USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight

The 800 Lumen USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight features an intense beam of light that projects a distance of 365 meters. Constructed of durable aircraft grade anodized aluminum, this light can withstand a 1 meter drop test. Other features include recharge-ability via USB, an optimized reflector system that allows for maximum light output, 3 switch settings – High, Low, Strobe and a memory forward switch. When you turn the light off, it will automatically come on in the next switch sequence from previous use. To obtain the setting you require, lightly push the switch to advance through to the light mode you require. The rechargeable flashlight comes complete with USB cable and 12V USB car charger.


  • High Distance Beam
    • 1198 ft (365 meters) beam distance
  • 800 Lumens (Hi-Mode)
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Impact + Water Resistant
  • Rechargeable (USB / AC / 12V)
    • USB Cable + 12V Car Charger adapter included
  • Lifetime bulb, never replace!

The SPOTTER™ – Model 99220 | USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight is the best LED flashlight of its kind. Built for the toughest job sites in the industry. Perfect for temporary job sites where permanent lighting isn’t ideal. Proven application: Coal hopper inspection.

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Charging Operation:

Guaranteed 1000 charge/discharge cycles. Check to see the flashlight is in working order before charging it. This will ensure it can charge normally.

(1) Rotate the port cover counter clockwise to reveal the USB port.

(2) Insert the USB Cable into the USB port on the flashlight. Connect the other end to a USB charging device, such as a computer or car charger. When charging, the indicator light is red. When Charging is complete the indicator light will turn green. Recharge time is approximately 6 hours using 12V car charger, 5-6 hours using a computer, 3-4 hours using a wall charger. If flashlight is not going to be used for more than 3 months, recharge periodically.

(3) Disconnect from charging source when charging is complete. Rotate the port cover clockwise to cover the USB port.


1. Please read and understand the entire contents of this manual.

2. Do not look directly into the light as it may cause serious eye injuries.

3. Do not operate the flashlight around cleaning solvents or flammable/combustible materials.

4. The flashlight is powered by 1 x 18650 battery (included). Lithium battery can explode or cause burns if short-circuited, punctured or disassembled. Prior to use, inspect battery for cracks, leaks or bulging. Never install a defective battery in flashlight. Only use battery included or a high quality battery.

5. The flashlight should be tested periodically during the periods of non-use to ensure that it is functioning properly. When anticipating use of the flashlight, check the flashlight before hand to ensure that it is in proper working order.

6. Proper function of the flashlight is dependent upon fully-charged battery. Use care when handling battery. Any battery has the potential to leak harmful chemicals which can damage skin, clothing, or the inside of the flashlight. To avoid risk of injury, do not let any material that leaked from a battery come in contact with eyes or skin. Do not expose battery to excessive heat.

7. CAUTION: The flashlight will become hot after extended periods of use.

Additional information

Light Output:

High – 800 Lumens
Low – 250 Lumens

Beam Distance:

High – 1,198ft (365m)


CREE® Q4 LED (x1)

Run time:

High – 1h 45min
Low – 6h 45min

Output Modes:

High, Low, Strobe

Body (Case Material):

Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum

Body Dimensions:

Length = 8.81"
Width = 0.88"
Diameter = 0.88" (handle)


2.0" Bezel Diameter



USB Rechargeable:

USB to Micro USB cable + 12V Car Charger adapter (included)

Battery Type:

Rechargeable 18650 Lithium (x1) (Included)

Charging Time:

~6hrs using 12V car charger

Water Resistant:


Impact Tested:


Special Features:

* Lifetime bulb, never replace!
* Rubber Booted Push Button Switch
* Screw Locking Port Cover
* USB Rechareable: Allow user to recharge from any USB port, such as computer, mobile phone adapter & power bank
* Charge Indicator Light