Portable LED Lights

Explosion Proof | Ordinary Location | Intrinsically Safe | Abrasive Blast

Western Technology supplies Portable LED Lights built for industrial job site applications around the world. We prefer and recommend the use of LED work lights, because of their high output and low voltage operation. We design and manufacture our own line of Portable LED Lights. Our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights originally offered portable explosion proof LED Lights: The BRICK™, The BRICKette™, & The STRIKER™. It now includes the 3475 LED Abrasive Blast Light and soon rechargeable battery-powdered options. For non-hazardous, ordinary location temporary job sites check out our SITE LIGHT™ Series. The SITE LIGHTs include the 4100LED & the 4210LED, with polyurethane bodies & magnetic mounting. View our available products below:

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