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Lighting for Confined Spaces & Hazardous Locations


Be sure you are meeting the requirements for using proper electric equipment in classified hazardous locations areas, especially in the Oil & Gas industries. With offshore drilling, you must deal with both hazardous vapors and wet, marine conditions. All the portable work lights for offshore drilling are certified as Portable, Explosion Proof, and Suitable for Wet Locations. Having to deal with all the nooks and tight spaces on an offshore drill rig, our certified portable lighting is perfect for this application.


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(in regards to Hull tank entries offshore)

Good afternoon,

Wanted to let you know I just received some positive feedback on the new BODYLight!  Russell took it on a job with him recently and said he LOVED it and so did the client offshore.  Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures for you, but I will try on the next inspection job in a few weeks.

P.S. – we will probably be ordering at least 2 or possibly 4 more lights.  Can you advise on current lead times?


Project Manager, an Offshore Services Company

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Offshore rigs can be extremely dangerous if adequate safety precautions and procedures are not followed, including using proper lighting to illuminate work areas. There are numerous spaces on an oil rig, each with unique offshore drilling lighting requirements. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific restrictions regarding lighting for places within oil rigs, among the many laws in place for health and safety. So, employers must ensure that these locations are illuminated per the bare minimum requirements outlined by OSHA to ensure compliance and worker safety.

There are, however, unique criteria for lighting fixture quality, vibration resistance, resilience to hostile environments, and explosion-proof safety. When choosing drilling rig lights for an offshore application, we recommend using a light fixture that utilizes LED technology. LED lighting has various advantages over traditional lighting sources, such as fluorescent or high-pressure sodium. These fundamentally differ from standard lamps in structure, electricity, light distribution, and explosion-proof.

The energy-saving benefits of grid-powered drilling are more direct and considerable. Due to its great efficiency, a battery with the same capacity can prolong the illuminating period considerably when used for emergency lighting. LED saves more than 60% more energy than traditional light sources, and its usage in drilling lighting saves expensive fuel. With a greater understanding of the severe environment of an offshore location, Western Technology Lights has become a market leader in building lighting systems for such hazardous or difficult-to-access regions.

As an experienced explosion-proof light fixture company, we create best-in-class lighting products that you can rely on for durability, safety, and portability. Some of our hazardous site lighting products are Portable Explosion Proof LED Work Lights, and Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof LED Work Lights.

When selecting and operating LED explosion-proof bulbs, consider the following two factors.
They should be utilized under current conditions to guarantee lamp quality and lighting comfort dependability. Because LED is a semiconductor component, the chip’s temperature directly impacts its life during operation, so the heat dissipation of the lamp should be properly considered while utilizing it. In that case, you need a lighting system that is both safe and reliable. Western Technology Lights creates Portable LED Job Site Lighting products to satisfy your lighting requirements. We use cutting-edge technology to make dependable, safe, portable, explosion-proof LED Lights. So, you can contact us today to ensure a safe work environment at your offshore oil rig.