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Industrial Water Treatment System Lighting

Western Technology specializes in certified wastewater portable lighting built for safety and reliability in the Water & Wastewater Treatment industry. Typical application includes a water tank, digester, sewer, lift station, and trickling filter inspection and cleaning. Our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety lights are certified for both Explosion Proof and Wet Location use. Our certified sewer lights are perfect for use in enclosed confined spaces where both flammable gas & water could be present. View the photo gallery and our featured products being used in water & wastewater treatment around the world.


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“…we are preparing and coating the concrete floor of a sewer lift station. The product is very temperature sensitive and need to be applied when temperatures are declining so the work needed to be performed at night. The BRICK® helped us light the work area up as if we were working during the daytime. Great product.”


Wastewater treatment plants are complex ecosystems that present unique challenges, including the presence of flammable gases, corrosive chemicals, and high ambient temperatures. Traditional lighting solutions are inadequate and can be hazardous in such environments. The need for specialized, heavy-duty lighting that is explosion-proof is necessary for ensuring worker safety and operational efficiency.

Western Technology Lights specializes in Wastewater Portable Lighting that is designed to meet the rigorous demands of wastewater treatment facilities. Unlike conventional lighting, our products are certified for both Explosion Proof and Wet Location use. Our Certified Sewer Lights are ideal for confined spaces where the presence of both flammable gases and water is a constant concern. These lights are compliant with international safety regulations and have been rigorously tested for durability and resistance to corrosion.

Explosions and fires are unpredictable yet devastating risks in wastewater treatment plants. Western Technology’s lighting solutions are engineered to prevent the propagation of an internal explosion into the atmosphere. This is achieved by allowing gases to escape only after they have traveled and cooled down within the fixture. Additionally, our lights have a high CRI of over 70, crucial for color-coding and identifying pipes and equipment in these facilities.

In an industry where operational costs are a constant concern, our lighting solutions are safe and energy-efficient. They have a lifespan ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, significantly reducing maintenance and energy costs over time. Western Technology Lights offers a range of industrial LED explosion-proof lights that are not just compliant with safety standards but go beyond them. Our products are the epitome of reliability, durability, and safety, making them the ideal choice for wastewater treatment facilities. Trust in Western Technology Lights to illuminate your challenging environments, ensuring both productivity and safety.


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