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Western Technology specializes in portable LED work lights for hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Manufacturers and operators of Military and Commercial Aircraft rely on our portable light systems for their “tool-like” reliability. We have the capability to provide comprehensive solutions and mounting options for any position on any aircraft: fuel cells, wing/body join sections, paint booths & hangars, underwing/ flap/ track/ slat areas, engine, inspection, cockpit, flight line, etc.


We are a Boeing Enterprise Supplier and we work with NASA, NASA/Jacob’s, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and our Military across the US and Canada. Light challenges create many negatives such as loss of time due to rework, FOD, damage, and safety. Give us a call to discuss your lighting issues and we’ll bring a couple of products for you and your team to see and use. No obligation.


View our photo galleries below of our lights in use in the aviation & aerospace industry. Further down review our featured products we recommend for Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance around the world.

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Featured Testimoninals

“…I wanted to follow up with you on the BRICKette light we purchased. We finished our project of removing all 8 tanks of fuel foam from our decommissioned static display today. I cannot explain how having that light in there helped with the safety and visual comfort doing the work…” [read more]

Superintendent, - US AIR NATIONAL GUARD

“I would like to make you aware of the recent success one of our composite fabrication teams had. They received the Quality Cup award in 2013 due in part to the wrinkle inspection process improvements.

They directed the credit towards The BRICK® LED Lights that were implemented on AFP’s 1-3 in December 2012. This is a great accomplishment and shows how something so small can make such a vast impact.”


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