1001-REPK | 2-Wire Repairable Electric Deadman Control

The REDHEAD™…The ORIGINAL “Repairable” Deadman Control.

· 2-Wire Repairable Electric Deadman Control

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1001-REPK Datasheet (PDF) 1001-REPK Wiring Diagram (PDF)




2-Wire Repairable Electric Deadman Control

Suitable for any electric remote control system this 1001-REPK | 2-Wire Repairable Electric Deadman Control is preferred by contractors worldwide for maximum safety and reliability in extremely harsh conditions. Designed specifically for abrasive blasting with a two-wire system and can be custom built with a longer cord and quick disconnect. The ORIGINAL “Repairable” Deadman Control… The REDHEAD™

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American Flag, designed & manufactured in the USA Designed & Manufactured in the USA

Additional information


All polyurethane construction


Yes, field repairable

# of Wires:

(2) Two-wire system

Suitable for:

Any electric remote control system

Preferred by:

Contractors worldwide for maximum safety & reliability in extreme harsh conditions

Designed for:

Specifically designed for abrasive blasting

Ideal for:

blasting flat surfaces

Safety features:

Unique ball & chain designed for safety and ease of use


Can be built with longer cord and quick disconnect


Repair kits (sold separately)

Special Features:

Compact size
Proven components
Simple to repair
Dust & Water resistant
The ORIGINAL "Repairable" Deadman Control

Country Origin:

Designed & Manufactured in the USA