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… I wanted to follow up with you on the BRICKette light we purchased. We finished our project of removing all 8 tanks of fuel foam from our decommissioned static display today. I cannot explain how having that light in there helped with the safety and visual comfort doing the work… I can only guess that by having the amount of light in there shaved at least three days off toward the completion of this project. In the past, we have used headlamps and small flashlights to be able to see. We simply gained access to the tank and put the light in the corner of the tank and went to work with no visual obstruction or batteries dying while working inside. I’m sure you can imagine how dark it gets in there when there is no light and then trying to wiggle out without hitting your head on something or catching clothing or a respirator hose on the way out. I have already talked to my leadership about purchasing another light during the upcoming fiscal year. We also had some folks from the 193rd PAANG help us and they went back with the information to purchase one as well.

Thank you for providing us with a great product.


Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance

Western Technology Lights have been used throughout the Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance industry for years. Manufacturers and operators of Military and Commercial Aircraft rely on our portable light systems for their “tool-like” reliability, safety and visual comfort. We provide comprehensive solutions and mounting options for any position on any aircraft: fuel cells, wing/body joint sections, paint booths & hangars, underwing / flap / track / slat areas, engine, inspection, cockpit, flight line, etc.

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