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Western Technology specializes in certified Portable LED Lighting built for safety and reliability. Gas distribution and utility work presents the potential for engagement with hazardous live gas and water lines. Our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights are certified as safe to use in explosive vapors, confined spaces and wet locations. Built with LVLE technology, the 11,700 lumen BRICK® draws only 36 VDC with 2-3 amps. It can be powered from a generator or vehicle battery. View our photo gallery and our featured products listed below being used in gas distribution and utility work around the world.


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“Here are the responses I’ve received on The BRICK’s performance: Portability: Does not need to be on a stand. Durability: Can be accidentally knocked over and still performs. Light Output: Outstanding. Adapters: Stands, tripods, etc are all well made. Heat Sink: Unit cools quickly and can be stored without much down time. Cord: Strong & long enough to meet the demands of the field. Overall the best outside lighting in/out of a gaseous atmosphere anyone has used.”


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