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Upgrading the Digester

Previously in the wastewater industry, we sold a lot of our SITE LIGHTs for maintenance when working within a digester. These lights work great when temporary lighting requirements are only for ordinary locations.

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How It Works: Digester – Methane Gas Collection

However, many digesters nationally are undergoing an upgrade to have a dome or roof put on the top to reclaim and capture methane gas. This methane gas is captured and in some cases can power the entire facility. In addition to making this new solution green and energy efficient, this upgrade now makes these spaces a Class 1 Division 1 hazardous location area.


portable led work lights, temporary led lighting, explosion proof lighting, explosion proof lightThis now requires an upgrade in lighting, such as our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights (certified as: Explosion Proof, Portable, Low Voltage, & Suitable for Wet Location Use). King County Wastewater Services was one of the first facilities to embrace all of this, including the use of the BRICK®| Portable Explosion Proof Tank/Area Light.


Water & Wastewater Treatment, digester tank, The BRICK™, Explosion Proof, King County Waste Water Treatment Plant, BRICK, A-Frame

BRICK® w/ A-Frame – King County Waste Water Treatment Plant

As you can see these spaces can be quite large making a headlamp inefficient.

Are you using the right lighting system for your job site size, conditions or requirements?


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