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We’re always grateful to receive feeback from end-users using our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights in real world applications. Even if at first, there’s some concern. Built with multiple certifications such as: Explosion Proof, Portable, Wet Location, & Low Voltage… you know that our portable LED work lights are reliable and dependable in rough work conditions, including confined space entry. Read this testimonial exchange between our sales team and this particular end user.

End-User’s Initial Contact:  “The shaft and tunnel were for a 36” High pressure gas main going under the river. We had to de-water the tunnel but there was still some infiltration which caused a wet atmosphere. Your lights were never submerged but they did tend to get dripped on. We never had a problem until today when we were removing everything out of the tunnel. The foreman and a Laborer on the crew got a small electrical shock when moving the lights around. Do you know why this could of happened?”

Western Technology’s Response:  Thank you for letting us know your experience with the BRICK®. Western Technology takes safety very serious and I would like to talk to you to gather additional information to help my technical department better understand what happened so that we can address it directly.  Would you please give me a call at your convenience?

End-User’s Follow-up Response: “Good morning, Sorry for not getting back to you yesterday, we had a crazy day of investigating what went wrong. I appreciate the response and didn’t mean to create a whirl-wind on your end.  We figured out that somehow the ground for the pump and generator came lose on Wednesday. The lights were close enough to the pump and hoses where we are positive it traveled thru your light. We do not believe your lights had anything wrong with it.

We actually stumbled upon your lights for this project thru Sunbelt Rentals in Illinois. You guys have an extremely well made product on your hands. We love the light so much that we will be using these going forward. We have one more tunnel project scheduled this year and 12 more for next year. You better believe we will continue to use your product.

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