Ball & Chain

Safety Mechanism for use with our Electric Deadman Controls. [ p/n: #1102 ]

Technical Bulletin #5
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Ball & Chain

Deadman Control Switches | Accessories

The Ball & Chain, p/n: #1102 or #1102-1 is designed as an integral part of the safety features of these products. If the operator drops the blast hose the ball will dislodge and automatically disengage the switch and the system will shut down.

P/N #1102 is to be used with:

  • 1001-4K | 2-Wire Sealed Electric Deadman Control
  • 1001-REPK | 2-Wire Repairable Electric Deadman Control
  • 1001-REP-3K | 3-Wire Repairable Electric Deadman Control

P/N #1102-1 is to be used with:

  • 1004-HC Wrist-EZ | Repairable Electric Deadman Control

Comes standard with our Deadman Control Switches… add this to your inquiry cart to purchase separately, or as extra, additional ball & chains.