Temporary Job Site Lighting for Ordinary Locations

An introduction to the SITE LIGHT™ Series, the perfect portable temporary job site lighting for ordinary locations. We have refitted our SITE LIGHTs with PAR38 LED bulb(s), ensuring white bright light, low voltage, and no more fragile filaments of incandescent bulbs. Manufactured out of polyurethane, and equipped with 150lbs pull magnet(s) for mounting. Watch this product video and learn more about these LED work lights built for non-hazardous location work sites.

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Model 4210 LED | Mountable Work Light (Single Lamp)

This portable, mountable work light is built with a large handle and removable flexible joint & magnetic swivel mount.

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Model 4100 LED | 3 Directional Wide Area Light

This 3-Directional magnetic mountable area light is the leader in portable light for larger work areas. With quick and sure placement this is the perfect choice for your temporary job site lighting needs.

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