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From space exploration to wastewater treatment facilities, Explosion Proof Certification to Germicidal Efficacy
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We’ve expanded our
line of


LED Safety Lights

to not only include
Explosion Proof Safety
Worker Safety

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it now includes
Health Safety
to combat the
Corona Virus!
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We introduce the
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UVC Rechargeable Battery-Powered LED Work Light

UVC BODYLight™ – Model #8910UVC

A different kind of “safety” light to address the current pandemic situation, a germicidal UVC light system, the WT GERM KILLER® – UVC BODYLight. It is a rugged handheld battery-operated light equipped with 275nm UVC LEDs and “red” LEDs for visual assistance.
Kills Germs
& Viruses
almost immediately
(when held 4-inches from a hard surface)
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ROI / Comparative Costs:

WT GERM KILLER -vs- Disinfecting Spray System

Peak UVC Emissions

of maintenance free operation

of sanitized surface area covered

per hour to operate!

– vs –
semi, truck, gallons, tanker truck, sanitizing liquid
Liquid sanitizing sprayers require 10 minutes to Kill COVID-19… such as CONCROBIUM® BROAD SPECTRUM DISINFECTANT II (per CDC cleaning guidelines) source:

Gallons of sanitizing liquid

spent on sanitizing liquid

of sanitized surface area covered

per hour to operate!

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wt germ killer, germ killer, uvc bodylight, uvc sterilizing light, in hand, disinfecting

Safe, Dependable, Quick, & Easy Deployment

• No Flammable Chemicals
• No Toxic Residuals
• No Long Wait Time

UVC light reacts with the DNA/RNA killing COVID-19 and other microorganisms. UVC breaks apart nucleic acid and forms dimers of C-C, T-T, AND U-U, distorting the DNA/RNA molecule. Dimers formed create a “bulge” in the RNA that stops its replication.

Note: UVC option requires operator wear PPE and confirmation required training has been completed. UVC 275nm can be hazardous to human health with extended unprotected exposure.

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