hydro-vac, tank cleaning, clean outs, testimonialOne of the most common applications our work lights are used in, have to deal with storage tanks. Storage Tanks of all shapes and sizes. Vacuum, water, chemical & fuel tanks. Smaller trailers to huge stand alone tanks or towers. Whether its manufacturing, maintenance, cleaning or inspection, improve the quality of your work and safely light your space. As many of these tanks are often a confined space with the risk of hazardous vapors or water, use only multiple certified, high performance portable LED work lights proven for years in the storage tank industry.


Featured Applications

Industries, Vacuum & Water Trailers, The BRICK, 9610 LED, Explosion Proof Light, Vacuum, Water & Chemical Tank Trailers

Vacuum, Water, Chemical & Fuel Tank Trailers

Internal Visual Inspections are required by law according to: 49 CFR 180.407 – Requirements for test and inspection of specification cargo tanks

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Storage Tanks

Western Technology manufactures portable LED work lights built for safety, high performance, and reliability. The KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights are built for tank entry work.

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blast, paint, corrosion control, resurfacing, abrasive blast, abrasive blasting, blast light, blast hose, deadman control

Corrosion Control

Using high-performance LED lighting will help those assigned to corrosion control, identify and eliminate paint defects by providing a more well-lit work environment.

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