Portable Handheld UVC Sterilizers

Handheld UVGI Technology

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Example of CLear UVC Sanitizing Computer Monitor

Our Hand-Held UVC UV Sterilizers or Portable UV LED Germicidal Lamps produces 265-275nm UVC short wave ultraviolet rays, achieving a rapid comprehensive sterilization effect.

The technology we use is 99.9% effective in killing or inactivating mold and mold spores, bacteria including MRSA, TB, E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, C. diff spores, CRKP, VRE and all viruses including colds, flu, measles, HIV Retrovirus, Infectious Hepatitis, Norovirus and the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Fast, safe and chemical-free UV disinfection with UVC Germ Killer Series products from Western Technology, Inc. For use in public, commercial and industrial facilities and other areas.

Safe, Dependable, Quick, & Easy Deployment

• No Flammable Chemicals
• No Toxic Residuals
• No Long Wait Time

UVC light reacts with the DNA/RNA killing COVID-19 and other microorganisms. UVC breaks apart nucleic acid and forms dimers of C-C, T-T, AND U-U, distorting the DNA/RNA molecule. Dimers formed create a “bulge” in the RNA that stops its replication.

Note: UVC option requires operator wear PPE and confirmation required training has been completed. UVC 275nm can be hazardous to human health with extended unprotected exposure.

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