Proven Durability

We dropped the same (1) BRICK® LED light 30 times from 20 feet, even multiple times into a tank of water, and it still works! If this doesn’t help demonstrate the durability of our products, I’m not sure what will. The BRICK®: Model 9610 | Explosion Proof LED Tank/Area Light and all our Explosion Proof KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights are purposely built from the ground up with multiple certifications:

  • Portable Luminary
  • Explosion Proof (Class I, Div 1)
  • Low Voltage (LVLE)
  • Suitable for Wet Locations
  • Confined Spaces

Safety Beyond Certification, Western Technology, Inc.Our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights are built for safety, reliability, high performance, & proven durability. Constructed to be handled, moved around, and thrive in rough, dirty, wet and hazardous location job sites. We can’t think of a better way to demo just how “TOUGH” our portable led work lights really are. These are NOT your everyday work lights… Portable work lights BUILT for Industrial Services. Thanks for watching… The BRICK® Drop Video!

– This is an Extreme example in a controlled environment: This is not for intended use, please consult the owner’s manual for proper operation instructions and guidelines.


Model 9610 | Portable Explosion Proof LED Tank/Area Light