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We’re so grateful to receive customer feedback… and this one put a smile our our faces!!

Thanks for the high praise, Mark… and the song lyrics:

Ow, You need a… BRICK…. house

Its mighty-mighty,

just lettin’ its light shine out

you need a BRICK…. house

The lights the best and that’s a fact

Ain’t holding nothing back !


Its customers like you that make the job so much fun!


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The BRICK®, 9610, LED, Portable Explosion Proof Area Light, explosion proof, LED, Hazardous Location Lighting, Portable LED Work Light, C1D1, C2D2, Class 1 Div 1, Class I Div 1, Class 1 Div 2, Class I Div 2, Class 2 Div 1, Class II Div 1, Class 2 Div 2, Class II Div 2, KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights, Work Light, Wet Location, portable, paint booth lighting, Type 6P, LED Work Lights, LED work light, Explosion Proof Light, explosion proof lights, Explosion Proof LED Light, Explosion Proof lighting, Explosion Proof LED Lighting, portable explosion proof light, Low Voltage, LVLE, mechanical mounting, magnetic mounting, blast & paint, inspection, portable luminary, portable luminaire, 36 VDC, 24 VDC, 12 VDC, temporary led lighting, Gen 2, explosion proof tank lighting


Model 9610 | Portable Explosion Proof LED Area/Tank Light

The most versatile, portable explosion proof LED area light on the market, part of the KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights Series! Multiple Accessories, Stands & Mounting options…

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