The amazing features and benefits of the BRICK® (Model 9610) | Portable Explosion Proof LED Tank/Area Light is highlighted in this product video. Designed from the ground-up with portability in mind. You’ll be amazed at the BRICK® light’s brilliant White, Bright Light! Originally built with 96 LED’s, the Gen2 – features the same light output but with only 48 LED’s. It produces ~11,500 lumens with an optic capable of throwing the light up to 150-200 ft. Highly portable and easily mountable. Built with such a wide variety of accessories & mounting options, you’ll be impressed at this portable work light’s capabilities. Serving the high-risk demanding industries of our marine, industrial, & Aviation customers. The perfect area light for any tank entry application.

Certified: Explosion Proof | Wet Location | Confined Space | Low Voltage | Portable


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Approved for Hazardous Locations:

  • Class I, Div 1 & 2, Groups C & D
  • Class II, Div 1 & 2, Groups E, F, & G
  • CSA Zones 1 & 2, Zones 20, 21, & 22