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The BRICK® Used During Underground Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning Application

John found us on the web and said that he has 6, 20k-30k gallon fuel storage tanks that need cleaning. They have not been using lights, and some of the guys are uneasy about the entering the dark tanks. You see, John works for GEC Environmental, they specialize in providing 24-hour Emergency Response and HAZMAT services as well as specialty environmental contracting services. This includes excavation and industrial cleaning services to government, industrial, commercial, and residential clients within Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland area.

Fuel storage tanks require regular maintenance and can be susceptible to many problems. Specifically:

  • Aboveground storage tanks are susceptible to microbial growth due to moisture collection
  • Underground storage tanks are often contaminated by groundwater as a result of plumbing issues or inclement weather
  • Fuel in diesel generator tanks will degrade over time, and the tanks require regular maintenance

Storage tanks are entered and cleaned for preventative maintenance, removal of built-up sludge, and during decommissioning of fuel tanks at gasoline stations, manufacturing facilities, public works and others. Tank cleaning is an environmentally friendly process that will preserve your tank’s sustainability long term. Future problems associated with the tank can be reduced by identifying damaged, worn or aging tanks or components.

That’s where our KICK-IT TOUGH™ lights come into play, entering these storage tanks. First, entering these tanks often require a confined space entry permit. Also, you often have to deal with the presence of hazardous fumes from the fuel. Then, high-pressure water is often used during the cleaning process. You can’t just use any kind of lights for this line of work. Our line of Explosion Proof KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights, can safely light these spaces as you perform these tasks. Multiple certifications have proven our lights are built with tool-like reliability to perform/survive the task at hand. We can help you find the right light for the job & size of tank. Our variety of portable lights, accessories and mounting options ensures we can provide you the right setup to fit your job.

In this case, the BRICK® Light was used. It’s the most versatile, portable explosion proof area light on the market!​ For use in larger areas, usually one light is all you need to easily illuminate this size space. Enhance it’s capabilities & protect the longevity of the BRICK® with the use of a few extra accessories. It’s versatility knows no bounds. Yes, it is built for industrial services applications, but once you own this light, you can use it for any project where additional temporary lighting is needed.
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The BRICK® illuminating 55k tank

Here’s what John said about using the BRICK® to clean out these tanks:

“I wanted to let you know my guys loved having a light in their work area. They cleaned a half dozen 20k-30k underground fuel storage tanks last week.  When I get a chance, I’ll order another magnet and a stand.  I’m sure we will find other uses for it.”


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