Introducing the UVC BODYLight™

Germicidal Killer of Germs & Viruses, Including COVID-19 using 275nm UVC LED light

Dr. Michael Kralik, Engineering Director at Western Technology introduces the WT GERM KILLER® – UVC BODYLight. In the past, he has worked in the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry generating germicidal control of pathogens in manufacturing operations.

Western Technology was contacted by a Fortune 500 company, that we had work with for many years, to develop a sanitizing method for deployment for their personnel in the workplace. We went back, took a look at our platforms and capabilities in development, and focused on the BODYLight™. The BODYLight™ is advantageous because it is battery operated, easily portable, explosion proof rated, and capable to be used in harsh environments.

Using this platform, we developed a UVC germ killer, BODLight™. The UVC BODYLight™ has orange bumpers to identify it readily in the workplace. It also has the standard green body that is readily identifiable as at Western Technology product. A unique feature for the WT GERM KILLER® is the bristle cone attachment.

The bristle cone is there for a couple of reasons. First UV light is invisible to the naked eye. It helps protect and shield the eyes from any scattered light, coming back toward you and toward other personnel that may be in the vicinity. It also provides a tactile flow of the workplace, as you make contact. It also gives you a specific distance in which is efficacious for the kill of the COVID-19 virus.

It’s important to wear the proper PPE, when using the WT GERM KILLER®. Ultraviolet light is very energetic and can cause damage to the skin and the eyes. We recommend you where UV glasses or a face shield and make sure your skin surfaces are covered.

As you turn the UVC BODYLight™ on, you will see there is also a red beam of light being emitted. The red LEDs were added as a “warning” indicator that the WT GERM KILLER® is on. It also helps to “map out” the same direction and area of the invisible UVC emissions that are also being produced.

At this point you are able to commence sterilization of your areas. To effectively induce a germicidal kill, simply brush the UVC BODYLight™ across the intended surface allowing the bristles to make contact. It only takes approximately 1 second to kill the COVID-19 virus. With every light purchased, you will receive a certified spectrum of the emissions source, that validates the compliance of the light for germicidal kill.

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Model 8910UVC | UVC Rechargeable Battery-Powered LED work light

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