Model 4210 LED – Mountable Work Light (Single Lamp)

The 4210 LED Mountable Work Light is the perfect choice for your temporary job site lighting needs. The SITE LIGHT™ from Western Technology.

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Model 4210 LED

LED Mountable Work Light (Single Lamp)

As one of our SITE LIGHT series, this single lamp version of this portable work light with a large handle comes standard with 25 ft of electric cable. It’s polyurethane construction gives it durability and is easily decontaminated for use in Nuclear facilities.  It’s removable magnetic swivel mount allows for quick and sure placement with 150 lbs of pull. The 4210 LED Mountable Work Light is the perfect choice for temporary job site lighting for ordinary locations needs.

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“The light is durable and light weight. And now my other crews are trying to steal the lights and demanding their own so I am having to order more!” – Service Center Manager


Additional information

Emitter Type:

LED (PAR 38 LED Lamp)

Light Output:

2000 Lumens

Brightness @ 48":

1970 LUX @ 41" Diameter

Color Temperature:


Power Consumption:

~25 Watts (PAR 38 LED Lamp)

Voltage versatile:

12 to 24 Volts AC/DC or 115 Volts AC


Durable polyurethane construction is naturally rust and corrosion resistant and is easily cleaned or decontaminated


Length: 12"
Width: 6 1/2"
Height: 6 1/2"
Weight: 8 1/4 lbs

Suitable for use in:

-25℉ to +120℉ ambient temperature

Power cord:

Comes standard with 25 ft electric cable (longer lengths available upon request)

Magnetic Mounting:

Large handle & removable magnetic swivel mount
Quick & sure placement using 150 lb. pull industrial magnet

Product Features:

Vibration/ impact resistant
Uses Western Technology PAR 38 LED lamp
Remains cool to the touch during operation

Country of origin:

Designed & manufacture in the USA

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