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These photos feature The BRICK® & The STRIKER™ “hanging” around the SW Suburban Sewer District in Seattle, WA. Here they are entering Normandy Park Lift Station #8 for wet/drywells. The purpose of a lift station is to receive, store temporarily as needed, and move wastewater and/or storm water through a collection system. Routine maintenance and inspection requires entering this dark, potentially wet, confined spaces.

The KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights from Western Technology are built for the job. They are certified as portable, explosion proof, low voltage and safe to use in wet locations.  They are also built with multiple accessories like the “Dome Diffuser” shown here on these portable lights. The dome diffuser helps disperse the light so it can light a wide area.  These portable explosion proof lights are built for multiple industries & applications. This is a great example of how they can be used as a drop light in the Sewer, Water & Wastewater Treatment industry.

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