“The UV version of the flashlight really helped us pinpoint a problematic leak. This leak is inside the #1 pylon structure inside a fuel tank. The glowing substance is Zyglo.”

“I am the C130 tanker program lead. We met when you came out to CalFire and did a demonstration of your product, and what a great product it is.  We were able to quickly identify new leaks on one of our tankers. I feel that we are pretty much up to speed on the use of the lights, but if you have any recommendations or tricks of the trade please let me know.

Once again we are very happy and impressed with all of the capabilities of your products.”



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The UVA BODYLIGHT  -Detect cracks, leaks, FOD, microscopic holes & defects with the UVA BODYLight™. Easily switch from 2500 lumen visible LED mode to the UVA mode and back again. Learn more!




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Aircraft Manufactutring & Maintenance, portable LED Work Lights, Aircraft, maintenance, maintenance, aircraft maintenance lighting, aircraft construction lighting, aerospace, aviation, Aircraft Maintenance – Light challenges create many negatives such as loss of time due to rework, FOD, damage, and safety. Give us a call to discuss your lighting issues and we’ll bring a couple of products for you and your team to see and use. Learn more!