String Work Lights

Explosion Proof | Wet Location | Construction String Lights

Stringer, Lights, Aviation, Aircraft Manufacturing, string work lights, string lights, explosion proof string lights, explosion proof, led string lights, LED string work lights, LEDString lights are a great option for temporary and flexible lighting for general close work and inspection. Western Technology manufactures a several options of string work lights for use in any environment. When you work in locations that contain hazardous vapors dusts and chemicals, you need explosion proof lights that will operate safely and efficiently. We have variety of Class 1 Division 1, Explosion Proof String Lights available. We also have ordinary location, temporary job site construction string lights. While we continue to offer the classic incandescent and fluorescent hanging work lights, we would recommend our LED options. Our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights feature The BRICKette™ | Explosion Proof LED String Light, which can be built offering 2-5 light heads with variable light control and optional cord lengths. Ask about the Medusa configuration with individual light head control. Simple to move around and secure with strong hooks or magnets and daisy-chaining, these string light solutions will provide you with a flexible and easy to manage lighting configuration.

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