UV lights

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UV-A & UV-C Light Systems for Sanitizing & Inspection

Our UV lights emit ultraviolet emissions that are designed to either help with inspection services or in germicidal sanitizing applications.

The UVA BODYLight™ produces 365nm of UV-A emissions. It is compliant with ASTM E3022, ASTM E1444, ISO 3059, and RRES 90061 standards. The intended use is for NDI, NDE, & NDT Testing. Typical applications including steel structural maintenance, manufacturing inspections and corrosion control. Helps detect cracks, leaks, microscopic holes and defects. This work light also has a “normal mode” producing 2500 lumens of light. Easily switch back and forth between both modes.

The UVC BODYLight™ is also known as the “WT GERM KILLER®”. This portable work light emits 275nm UV-C power. This UV light is proven to kill germs & viruses almost immediately (when held 4-inches from a hard surface). A different kind of “safety” light to address the current pandemic situation, a germicidal UVC light. Kills COVID-19!!

Our UVC Clear™ system can be used as a hand-held unit or mounted to an HVAC system. For those looking to use a germicidal UV light system to sanitize areas in a commercial setting instead of industrial. This system emits 265-275nm of UV-C power.

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