Overspray Protection Bags

Protect and extend the life of your investment…

Overspray protection bags for use with the KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights.

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Overspray Protection Bags

Package of Fifty (50) replacement bags

Our light systems are designed to meet your most demanding workplace requirements. These aren’t your everyday lights! They are built & certified to be used in dirty job site environments like: Abrasive BlastingPainting & Paint BoothsWastewater Treatment, Industrial Job Sites and Wet Locations. Because our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights are certified as Low Voltage (LVLE), our lights can be wrapped in our Overspray Protection Bags. It’s a simple solution to protect your investment in these harsh environments.

Order a box of Overspray Protection Bags and start using them for the BRICK®, BRICKette™, & the STRIKER™.

Protect and Extend the life of your KICK-IT TOUGH™ Explosion Proof Lights from Western Technology!

Just Bag It!

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The BRICK® w/ tripod, riser & knuckle in Blast Room using Overspray Protection Bag

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Don’t let this happen – use our Overspray Protection Bags!

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